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When you partner with Nichibo you get access to our leading technology, experienced buying team, floorplan finance facility and easy logistics. Our services can cover you from vehicle purchase to vehicle sale.


We are pleased to deliver an all new auction system that will give vehicle dealers in any country the ability to source high quality vehicles from Japan.

Because we are connected to over 50 auction halls in Japan, providing access to more than 100,000 vehicles a week, you have the ultimate resource for finding any type of vehicle you require. The great thing about autoSearch is that it combines all of these tender lists from all these auction halls into one central location.

You can take advantage of the global nature of the internet, saving yourself time and money by eliminating costly trips to Japan. Our staff handle the entire process for you, from placing bids to arranging delivery straight to your doorstep.

We've also greatly improved the speed of autoSearch, almost instantly bringing up any particular vehicle you are searching for. We also provide vehicle images and auction sheets so you can inspect vehicles before placing your bids.

To find out more about autoSearch, call us today on +649 374 4436 or fill out an online application.

Auto Advance Finance (AAF)

** Please note Auto Advance is currently available for New Zealand based clients only. **

Auto Advance provides credit to Dealers from the date of purchase through to when the vehicle is sold, or up to a maximum of six months from shipment date. To avoid exposure to FX risk, from the time of purchase to the time you pay, vehicles are invoiced in New Zealand dollars, automatically converted from their yen FOB value, using the advertised exchange rate on the day of purchase which is displayed on Auto Search when you log on.

If a vehicle is not sold within six months of shipment date, the balance must be repaid to Nichibo. Interest is charged at the end of each month on the daily balance outstanding.

As a general rule, we require customers to reliably trade on standard FOB terms (payment prior to delivery) for a period of at least six months before the extension of Auto Advance credit can be considered.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at anytime.


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Auto Finance Direct (AFD)

** Please note Auto Finance Direct is currently available for New Zealand based clients only. **

Nichibo's retail finance company Auto Finance Direct Limited is focused on providing a competitive finance option for the sale of Nichibo sourced vehicles, and is offered exclusively through its authorised Dealer Network. We specialise in Motor vehicle lending focusing on upper 2nd to 1st tier clients.

Each deal is considered on its own merits, and because we offer an exclusive service, we have a flexibility not provided by the larger institutional lenders.

We are looking to build on the existing relationships with both our customers and business partners which can only be achieved when everyone wins.

A brief summary
Our goal is to provide you more options when selling vehicles sourced through Nichibo by providing vehicle finance to your customers. In order to do this Auto Finance Direct offers it's Authorized Dealers:

Under most circumstances a loan can be processed quickly, which means you will generally get approval of your customers loan within a matter of hours.

We are committed to the long haul and our goal in establishing Auto Finance Direct is to use our position within the industry, asset backing and experience to assist our Dealers sell more cars.

If you would like to learn more about Auto Finance Direct Limited or establishing a facility please feel free to contact us to discuss the next step.

Martin Blockely, Finance Manager, Auto Finance Direct

PO BOX 137-252
PH: (09) 369-5284
FAX: (09) 369-5269